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April, 2001
Cactus pete the rescue donkey from the ALERRT rescue group finally arrived today. We had many problems getting him here from the foster home, mainly every time we planned to go get him or have someone deliver him, it would snow. The weather finally cooperated and the day was nice and warm. Pete was not to sure about loading in that two horse trailer, but finally, the smell of grain did it and in he went. He had a very un-eventful trip and arrived home safe and sound. Right now he is in his own pen to keep the larger horses and mule from harassing him to much. His main job will be as a guard donkey for the sheep I am planning on getting later this spring, so I do not want him getting to buddy buddy with the others yet. I did lay across his back to see how he would do as a riding donkey and it looks like I can start him soon. He is about 12 years old and had previously been abused so he is somewhat scared of people but doing ok with handling. The picture above was taken a few days after Pete arrived. As you can see even in April, It snows here. This picture was taken while I was working with him to get him more comfortable with people.

October 14, 2001
Pete has now been with me about 6 months and he has made quite a bit of progress. He no longer thinks he needs to kick at everything to defend himself. I have also riden him a couple of times now and he moves out well. I am thinking about teaching him to drive next.

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