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Hoof boot reviews

Here is a place to read or place a review about protective hoof boots.

Hoof boot: Easy boot or other
Hi, actually I'm looking for someone's experience with Davis barrier boots or other boots. I trail ride in some rocky areas, and the Easy boots keep coming off. Any opinions out there? Thanks

One answer:
would check out the Old Macs. They look interesting. I'm using Easy Boots right now, but when I wear them out, I'm going to try these.

Answer Two:
I used the Barrier Boot, and did not like it at all. It twisted and came off in any kind of rough riding. I guess it's OK for arena work, but who needs boots for that? I also had to cut it down (from the coronary) to fit my horse.

Answer Three:
We have tried a number of different hoof boots...from when my girl was foundered and sore, to now when we use boots on hard trails (and are hoping to eventually wean her off as her feet get stronger). The very best boots we've had are Old Macs. They are comfortable for her..she walks, trots and canters comfortably with no rubs or sores on her feet. She goes through all kinds of terrain...deep sand, rocky trails, through rivers, deep mud, up and down hills, on asphalt...and they do not shift or turn and have great
traction. They also fit well enough to not impede hoof mechanism. They are easy to put on, take off and keep clean. I highly recommend them! We did also try Davis Barrier boots but they rubbed sores (even when I wrapped her feet in vet wrap) and didn't stay on well. I didn't like EZ boots, even when I cut them down to fit and flattened those awful metal spikes.

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