About Barefooted Horses
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Photo Album

On this page we'll include pictures of events, people, and things that relate to barefooted horses. If you have a picture you would like to submit please e-mail me.

The pictures below are of a rescued reservation mustang gelding. About a year ago he caught his leg in a cattle guard. He was pulled out of the cattle guard and left to roam the reservation without any veterinary treatment. Someone saw him limping around and decided to buy him to see if they could help him. I was called out to trim the hoof so I took the before pictures and will be posting the after pictures soon. Some of the pictures may be a bit fuzzy, because he was tranquilized to get stitches in his head and was a bit wobbly.


This is the left front leg and hoof from a straight on view. Notice how long the hoof is from hairline to bottom of toe.


Here is his left front again from a side view. This is a good example of how long this foot is. He has not been trimmed in at least a year at this point. Notice that the leg is not just hairy, his tendon here is very bowed and scarred.


Here is a comparison between the right front hoof which is much shorter than the left front. The horse was basically non-weight bearing on the left front and the right front was naturally worn down while the horse was turned out.


Here is a sole comparison between the left and right hooves. You can see a great difference in the two as far as lenghts and wearing patterns. I will load beter pictures later to show a more detailed view of the sole.


The sole view were not very good as they were taken while the horse was laying down and tranquilized to get stitches in his head. You can see though the length of hoof he has in this left foot