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Hoof Boot Reviews

Here you can post a review about a boot or read what others think about the boot they have tried.

Davis Barrier Boots

Hoof boot: Davis barrier boots

comment: Worst boots ever they dont stay on at all, dont waste your money on them. Marquis boots look interesting saw them in jamie jacksons book where can i get them help

name: linda

The Marquis Boot website is in German and the boot is not easily available in the US that I know of.

I used the Davis barrier boots and did not like it at all. It twisted and came off in any kind of rough riding. I guess it's OK for arena work, but who needs boots for that? I also had to cut it down (from the coronary) to fit my horse.

Useless boots and a waste of money. Do not stay on unless I tighten them to the point of rubbing, and even then cannot stay in place on any non flat terrain (which is not helpful to me considering I live and ride in the mountains!)



very durable, stays on for all gaits plus jumping, sand gets in but nothing bigger. my mare loves them! name: kat

Boot type: Marquis
I have been using Marquis boots on my horse's front feet for a few weeks now.  He was only deshod in October so we do not go far yet.
Easy to put on. Easy to adjust the air chamber but needs a bit of experimenting to get the right degree of inflation to keep them on but stop them rubbing.  Horse likes them.  Seem sturdy but haven't been using them long enough to tell how they will hold up.  Quite heavy compared to most others. Expensive.
Can be obtained in England from Equestrian Select who are very helpful.  Email info@equestrianselect.com

Easy Boots

Hoof boot: Easy Bootsor other

Question: Hi, actually I'm looking for someone's experience with Davis barrier bootsor other boots. I trail ride in some rocky areas, and the Easy Boots keep coming off. Any opinions out there? Thanks

One answer: would check out the Old Macs.. They look interesting. I'm using Easy Boots right now, but when I wear them out, I'm going to try these.

Answer Two: We have tried a number of different hoof boots...from when my girl was foundered and sore, to now when we use boots on hard trails (and are hoping to eventually wean her off as her feet get stronger). The very best boots we've had are Old Macs. They are comfortable for her..she walks, trots and canters comfortably with no rubs or sores on her feet. She goes through all kinds of terrain...deep sand, rocky trails, through rivers, deep mud, up and down hills, on asphalt...and they do not shift or turn and have great traction. They also fit well enough to not impede hoof mechanism. They are easy to put on, take off and keep clean. I highly recommend them! We did also try Davis Barrier boots but they rubbed sores (even when I wrapped her feet in vet wrap) and didn't stay on well. I didn't like EZ boots, even when I cut them down to fit and flattened those awful metal spikes.

Borrowed friend's EZ boots for my mare's front hooves when we did some road work. They did not come off although her horse had two of them come off at different times, once in a field, another along the road at the trot. Didn't like how the metal spikes tore up the outside walls of the hoof at all!

ez boot

My friend and I have been using our ez boots for about a year now. Price wise they seem to be the least expensive. We started putting duct tape on their hooves to prevent the metal hooks from tearing the hoof. At first we experienced the boots flying off, but we have rigged them with wire, using the duct tape and such to get them to stay on. However, the Old Mac's seems like they would be really great boots and I am looking forward to trying out a pair. Although the price of Old mac's is twice that of EZ boots (2 boots for about the price of 4 ez boots with pastern straps).


Old Macs

Hoof Boot: Old Macs

A friend uses Old Macs. on her TB when the trails are too rough. They seem comfortable, don't rub or turn & she also jumps well in them. They are very easy to fit, as there are velcro panels. Only downfall is that they aren't sealed & stones can get in & cause sole bruising. Currently making some Neoprene socks for her to remedy this.


Love the Old Macs. Easy to put on and off, so we can use them when needed on a ride. Many hours and miles on rough terrain and pavement, and they hold up well. Best thing is I can skip a week or two on trimming and they'll still fit...can use on different horses if the feet are similar enough size.

Had a rivet come off and a pastern strap break, but Alister (Old Mac) offered to replace them. I chose to have a cobbler fix them for 10 bucks and no problem.


Very good, easy to use, stay put on all surfaces. I've had some trouble with rubbing on the back feet at the back of the pastern.


I have been using Old Mac's boots for a couple of years now, on two thoroughbreds. The boots are fantastic! They dont slip, come off or rub, are easy to put on, well made and durable. Both horses travel very well over all types of terrain, they even stay on in water. I am very impressed with the product and after sales service and would highly reccommend them to anyone going barefoot. Best thing Ive come across for my horses in a long time!

 T. Kirby

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