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I am trying out this links program that allows individuals to put in their own websites and descriptions instead of sending them to me to input.  If you want to add a website that is equine related AND family friendly. Please use this links gear to place it in the links.  I will have to approve all links so they will not show up immediately.  Thanks. 
Feed back is welcomed on how well this is working.  For the traditional links, Scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

Here you will find more Websites about barefooted horses and their care.

Your Horse Care: Site includes horse care articles and information about the Old Macs hoof boot.

The Purpose of The Naked Hoof Pty. Ltd. is to promote Wholistic Equine Management and Natural Hoof Care. Will accomplish this by providing information, news and selling products which support this cause.

Michale LaGrone's website for more information about natural hoof care and trimming.

Information about the HPT method of trimming barefooted horses and owner workshops.

Star Ridge Publishing : Books about barefooted horses and their care. They also have Swiss Hoof boots available.

Treating founder with out horseshoes : Has alot of information on the treatment of founder

Barefooted for Soundness. More information about barefooted horses.

Institute of Barefoot Equine Management was founded to provide support for individuals in the UK.

PJ's Page : How PJ was saved from founder using the barefooted trimming

Tribe Equus. Introduction to the High Performance Barefoot Horse

The website for Dr. Strasser and her hoof hospital.

The Horse's Hoof is a full color newletter dedicated to the natural hoof.

Michelle's Hoof pages : Michelle's progress with the barefooted trimming of her horses

Hoof'n It Naturally is a website devoted to everything to do with Natural Hoofcare.

United Horsmanship organization.

The Hoof Doctor

Australian Equine Barefoot Movement

On this side you will find links to the many different types of hoof boots and other hoof care equipmnent available.

The Hoof shop in Germany has a wide variety of hoof boots available to compare and purchase right on the website.

Horsneakers are custom made hoof boots for any size or type of horse donkey or mule. The only known custom fitted hoof boot.

The Swiss Horse Boot : Information about the Swiss Horse boot. These boots were recently introduced in the US and can be ordered from Star Ridge Publishing.

Swiss Horse Boot-more information

The Marquis : A German hoof boot that is really cool looking, but really new.

The Marquis- more information

The Shoof : The shoof hoof boot site. They do have distributors in America.

The Dalmer Clog site: Although this site also has nail on shoes, They have an interesting selection of glue on shoes and a hoof boot.

Dallmer Clog- more information

Easy boots are the most commonly used hoof boot in the US at this time. Here is more information about them.

The Equiboot- Very similar in design to the Easy boot.

Old Macs are new on the market, but very promising.

Toledo horse-Neoprene hoof boot from Brazil.

The Davis Barrier boot can be used for riding. The Davis horse boot is useful for soaking a horses hoof, but is not recommended for riding.

Bosanna Boots: Here is the only information I could find about this hoof boot.

The Sabre Sneaker is a good hoof covering for foundered or very lame horses, but not strong enough to withstand heavy riding.

La Boot, the horse walking moccasin created by Dianne Coogias and Rodeo Etc.

Hoofeze is a rubber soled hoof boot suitable for hoof soaking and holding medications.

Pegasus Forge : Check out the Compshoe for an alternative to nail on shoes.

The Unicorn horse shoe looks like a very interesting alternative to nailed on shoes.

The hoof hugger is a hoof boot for use with abcesses or founder, not intended for riding.

Hoof related links

Information on donkey and Mule hoof care

Toledo Horse discusses both barefooted methods and horse shoeing.

First Hoof Care Clinic Treats Six Abaco Barbs

General Links

Click here for JeffersEquine.com

Recycle for Cash!

Horses for Sale - This web site features quarter horse stallion, and the Ohio home of Peppy Dry Bonanza, stud services, quarter horses, horses for sale, NCHA stallion. By Carter Performance Horses!

If Your Horse Could Talk...This site promotes natural horse care through knowledge. It covers my weekly radio talk show which includes internet webcasts as well as all aspects of natural care & horsemanship. Published articles I've written are also available as well as a case study of our new rescue colt, Elvis, an 8 month old Percheron/Paint.

This site is the World Wide Farriers Directory. It is a directory of farriers around the world.

We are a Canadian sales website specializing in finding the right match between horse and rider. The horses we represent are located in Canada, Germany, and a few in USA. We help with all viewing, vetting, sales and shipping arrangements. We also import frozen semen from top European stallions, including Raphael, Baloubet du Rouet, Welt Hit II, Landor S, Ravallo, and Donnerschwee. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Click here to visit The Horses Heavenly Sites!

Acreage Equines: Horse Information for Recreational Riders. Information, books and links about horses and equestrian sport for recreational horse owners. Free e-book. Horse Inklings e-zine. Horse Talk Forum.

The American Horse Network

Photo gallery of over 70 AMHA mini horses and mini donkeys plus mini tips/tricks,horses for sale with financing and hundreds of equine links.

Cornerstone Ranch's crhorse.com Video and photo classified ads, horse sales, web search, directory, greeting cards, training forum. Stop by and visit, because you are always welcomed at crhorse.com

INFOHORSE.COM Where the best horse trainers and breeders share informative articles and offer professional services that will improve your relationship with your horse partner.

B&C Horse and Tack Supply. Guided Trail rides on 400 acres of private wooded trails and creek crossing. Tack shop and Horses for sale. Free horse classifieds.

Seeing the country from the back of your horse. Full-time travelers with horses offering a newsletter, travel guides and much more.

The Thoroughbred and Anglo Sport Registry. TASR is an international Association that registers & promotes thoroughbred and anglo horses and sport ponies. TASR is comprised of 4 stud books. The Thoroughbred Stud Book registers TBs for sport as well as rare colored TBs like palomino TBs & TBs cnceived by artificial insemination. The Anglo Stud Book registers thoroughbred halfbreds from Anglo-App, Appendix Anglo, Anglo-Holsteiner, Anglo-Teke and many more.The Pony Stud Book records progeny of TBs and studbook ponies. A General Stud Book registers & promotes horses of at least 25% thoroughbred blood as well.

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