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Hoof Trimming Clinic Information

If you are interested in attending a hoof trimming clinic, Check out the following links for more information. These sites are randomly listed and listings are not considered an endorsement. All known clinicians are listed. If you know of one who is not please let us know so the site can be updated.

Dr. Strasser will be in Australia to give clinics. Registration information can be found here.

Dr. Strasser and Sabine Kells have other clinics scheduled in various parts of the world. Click here for a listing.

Michael LaGrone is a former farrier trained in natural hoof care by Jaime Jackson.

The HPT method is also known as "shoeless not clueless. Keith "KC" La Pierre is a farrier who is passing along this method of trimming.

Martha Olivo is a former farrier and now a Certified hoof care specialist. She is commited to The Whole Horse Trim (TM)

Debbie Dutra provides hoof care workshops for horse owners.

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